Fearlessly Frank Thinker: Claire Koryzcan

Richard Wallace

This week’s Fearlessly Frank Thinker is none other than Claire Koryzcan, managing partner at Decoded. Read our short interview with Claire from the latest FF newsletter:

Claire is Managing Partner at Decoded.

Claire believes that with the rise of artificial intelligence and uncertainty about the future of work, there is a need, now more than ever before, to prepare people for the future, both personally and professionally. She is an evangelist for continuous learning and is a personal development coach and mentor.

Give us one fearlessly frank opinion on the challenges of digital transformation.

Forget about the technology, it’s all about the people. Digital transformation is nothing to do with technology and products, the hardest challenge is helping people to evolve.

Is the past a good predictor of the future in your thinking?

No, it’s not but it can be a helpful indicator. There can only ever be indicators about the future due to the unpredictable nature of humanity.

How do you think differently to achieve success?

I have a relentless curiosity about humanity and technology and to explain why we do what we do.

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