Fearlessly Frank’s Ultimate Nemesis


Know Your Enemy

Business is a battleground, and all successful combatants need to understand exactly what they are up against. That’s why good businesses are always fiercely researching their competitors, in order to stay one step ahead.

But the marketplace doesn’t work the way it used to. Nowadays the business that comes to dethrone you might arrive by stealth. A new offering can arrive almost overnight that renders your business model obsolete, and which doesn’t just meets your customers’ needs, but changes them and surpasses them.

Most of the time, nobody sees it coming. Just ask Kodak whether they predicted Apple taking over the personal photography space. Or any high street shop whether they were prepared for Amazon to pull the rug out from under them.

Be proactive, not reactive

The honest answer is, quite simply, that high street shops were blindsided. But while nobody can predict exactly what tomorrow will bring, there are methods that will ensure you’re confident in how your business will adapt to a new challenger. Methods which allow you to be the disruptor, not the disrupted.

Ultimate Nemesis

As an innovation consultancy, we specialise in making sure you’re thinking big, thinking smart, and most importantly, thinking in a way that’s unique to you and your offering—because survival is a product of vitality. We have developed a range of tools and services that help you take control of your commercial future, instead of letting the future happen to you.

With a choice of a two-day bootcamp or an intensive six-week operation, we’ll guide you through the process of envisioning your perfect competitor, the mortal enemy that could, if it were to spring into existence tomorrow, assassinate you.

And then we’ll develop a cast-iron plan of action, so it does not – and cannot – happen.

Two day option

Over the course of two weeks, we will help you articulate potential new gaps in the market, the customers you’re not currently reaching, the products and services your Ultimate Nemesis will offer, their proposition, their route to market, their revenue model and their potential value.

This will feed into an actionable Business Model Canvas that you can present back to your business. All you need to bring is 4-8 people and an open mind.

Six-week option

For the six-week option you’ll engage in the same activities, but we’ll also go into proposition development and user journey mapping, rapid prototyping and live customer testing, the creation of a new business case, and a product delivery roadmap.

At the end of the six weeks you’ll have a prospectus for a five to ten year innovation strategy ready to be sold into your board.

This option caters for 6-12 people with a willingness to disrupt.

A full course outline, including timescales and price points, is available to download here.

Think of Ultimate Nemesis as a full body workout for your business – except, a full body workout where you literally take your body apart and reassemble it so that you’re the healthiest person in the gym. A series of thought experiments, business tasks, and strategic challenges to prime and protect you against whichever start-up is currently lurking in the depths of your industry, ready to strike.

Sound good? If you’re interested in joining us for a journey into the mind, body, soul and insides of your business, get in touch on talktous@fearlesslyfrank.com / +44 (0)207 199 8698.