Interview: Cadi Jones

Richard Wallace

Our latest Fearlessly Frank Thinker is Cadi Jones, commercial innovation director at Clear Channel Outdoor, co-founder of WomenPresent, and Head of Partnerships at Bloom UK. Here’s a short-and-sweet interview from our recent newsletter:

Give us one fearlessly frank opinion on the future of marketing.
True omnichannel planning is possible now, but very, very few people are actually embracing it. I can’t wait to see brands looking at their spend across mobile, digital, audio and OOH, looking at attribution in a true full-funnel way and optimising their activity.

Is the past a good predictor of the future in your thinking?
Yes and no: don’t let past “failures” hold you back from believing change is possible, while at the same time being mindful of that famous definition of madness – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results!

How do you think differently to achieve success?
Try to get as diverse input as possible in at the beginning of any process to get better outputs as you progress.  Ultimately THINK and ACT – relentlessly focus on getting stuff done, because ultimately done is better than not done.